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The Foundation applauds the Cape Gazette Poll on a critical issue. It shows the readers who participated would like subdivision sprawl to slow down or stop. A major source of nutrient pollution for our Bays comes from impervious surfaces. The last survey we can remember indicated the Rehoboth- Lewes area has already exceeded the 10% impervious surface level that the EPA targets for additional planning restrictions. Impervious surfaces can be your roof, your drive way or that very large commercial property down the road. In any event, storm water runs off impervious surfaces carrying all types of pollution into our ditches and streams from where it flows into our Bays. Future development can continue, future pollution can't.

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The Foundation has been in touch with the DNREC Non Point Pollution Project Team and is starting to receive valuable information from that source to help us determine our 2015 Initiatives to achieve clean waters in our estuary. As we all know our watershed, like all the waters in Delaware are severely challenged. Here's an example of good reading to help you- the Inland Bays Stakeholder understand a potential plan. It starts with "What is a healthy watershed?- click on this link to learn more-http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/nps/watershed/index.cfm


Aquatic ecosystems are dynamic, interconnected in the landscape, and influenced by naturally varying lake levels, groundwater interactions, and streamflows, as well as other natural variations in watersheds, such as forest fires. These dynamics, along with the landscape and climatic setting, largely determine the types of aquatic habitats and species endemic to a particular area. Effective protection of aquatic ecosystems recognizes their connectivity and dynamics at multiple spatial/temporal scales. Read more...


The Inland Bays serve as a valuable recreational asset for residents and visitors, and as a diverse habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life. We hope to educate the public on the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed in Sussex County Delaware protecting wildlife, water fowl and sandy beaches for us all.

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"Please take the time to view the YouTube video: Clean Water for Delaware's Future prepared by the Governor- Jack Markell (and undoubtedly with the assistance of DNREC) early in 2014. It shows violent agreement with the views of The Inland Bays Foundation that much more could be done to clean the waters of Delaware, perhaps without busting the budget.