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Delaware Governor Markell Receives Award

Govenor Jack Markell

Delaware Governor Markell receives the very first annual Environmental Advocacy award from the League of Women Voters President Jane Lord and the Inland bays Foundation President Ron Wuslich at tonight's packed dinner in Lewes, Delaware. The Governor was introduced by the Delaware Speaker of the House- Pete Schwartzkopf. The Governor spoke intensely about his "Clean Water Initiative".

Mark your Calendar for the “Love Our Inland Bays Dinner”

Gov. Markell

Dear Friends of Delaware's Inland Bays:

The inland bays foundation and the league of women voters invite you to join us and Governor Markell at Irish Eyes restaurant in Lewes on October 16th for our " Love Our Inland Bays Dinner". Get the details for this event...

Regrettably, each of our Inland Bays are impaired ( polluted ) and do not meet the "fishable and swimmable" criteria established by the 1972 Clean Water Act. in fact, 94 % of Delaware's waterways do not support healthy fish and aquatic life and 86 % of Delaware's waters are not safe for swimming. these statistics place Delaware in the minority in as much as 60% of our nation's assessed waters do, repeat, do support aquatic life uses.

Last winter, Governor Markell introduced an initiative called " Clean Water for Delaware's Future." unfortunately, it was not a priority with our state's general assembly because it was an election year. Our dinner will give our Governor an opportunity to pre sell his initiative prior to the reconvening of the state legislature. The citizens of Delaware deserve fishable and swimmable waters just as much as the majority of americans who already have it.

So, please join us on October 16th at Irish Eyes in Lewes along with 159 other Delawareans and show your support for " fishable and swimmable " waters for our Inland Bays.

Thank You, Ron Wuslich,President Inland Bays Foundation

"Please take the time to view the YouTube video: Clean Water for Delaware's Future prepared by the Governor- Jack Markell (and undoubtedly with the assistance of DNREC) early in 2014. It shows violent agreement with the views of The Inland Bays Foundation that much more could be done to clean the waters of Delaware, perhaps without busting the budget. If you attend the above dinner with the Governor you will have an opportunity to hear the latest about his " Clean Water Initiative" outlined at this link and meet the folks from the Foundation and the League of Women Voters who support the call for clean waters in our state."

Click here to fill out the attendance form. You may pay via PayPal or mail your entry with your check to the Inland Bays Foundation.

“WE the People” of Delaware’s Inland Bays Estuary came together in 2011 in order to “form a more perfect union” to protect the waters of our estuary and did declare and found the Inland Bays Foundation-

The mission of the Inland Bays Foundation (501c3 non- profit) is to return our Delaware Inland Bays waters to their once "fish able" and "swim able" state by removing all pollution sources from this estuary.

The Foundation Board is continuously advocating and when necessary litigating to make this happen. Here's a profile of the Board-

  • Executive at Exxon
  • Federal District Sales Manager- AT&T
  • George Bush's senior lobbyist while Director of the CIA and retired Major General
  • Merchant Marine Commander
  • Executive Aide to President Pro Tem of Delaware Senate and farmer
  • Senior Scientist at the EPA
  • Delaware State Senator
  • Dentist
  • Three term Board of Directors, Education Association (60,000 Teachers)
  • Business analyst and accountant for DuPont
  • Professor Emeritus of Zoology (PHD)
  • Realtor- Md and DE
  • Former Department Of Transportation Chief of Innovative Technology and President of Consulting Firm
  • Mechanical Engineer, Department of the Navy

We hope you will understand and appreciate the Gravitas and diversity of this Board and their unified and unfailing commitment to achieve the Foundation's goal of clean waters in your Inland Bays- Rehoboth, Indian River and Little Assawoman. We will not quit, we will not stop and we will not fail. If you’d like to join us click on the membership page to either fill out your membership form or donate. www.InlandBaysFoundation.org

Here are the people with the Governor of the state of Delaware and the Secretary of DNREC in December of 2013-

Meeting with Governor


The Inland Bays serve as a valuable recreational asset for residents and visitors, and as a diverse habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life. We hope to educate the public on the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed in Sussex County Delaware protecting wildlife, water fowl and sandy beaches for us all.

Help Us to Keep You Informed

Your generous donation will assist us in our efforts by helping to fund this website, our participation at environmental events, etc.

Join us so we can count on you to be a supporter of our efforts to advocate and if necessary litigate to achieve our goals of clean waters in our watershed. We need for the Foundation to have a larger voice through increased membership and funding!

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