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Wishing all our Friends, Members, Donors and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We had a great year in 2014- Annual Report coming out in January. With your on going support we will all have a very successful 2015. Stay warm and safe.

Pollution Control Strategies and Tributary Action Teams

A 1997 federal court case required Delaware to set pollution limits for its waterways. These limits are called Total Maximum Daily Loads or TMDLs, a term you will hear a lot in water pollution discussions. In order to meet these new pollution limits, we are identifying ways to reduce water pollution.

Tributary Action Team You will find more at the following link

The Foundation has added their 2014 assessment of the current status-

The pollution control strategy (often abbreviated PCS) includes a combination of more than one pollution-reducing method and is tailored specifically for each watershed. Methods could include:

(Taken from DNREC website).

  • The removal of direct point-source discharges from waterways. After the end of 2014 only the Rehoboth Sewer Pipe will remain.
  • Better management of fertilizer and manure. At the end of 2014 there are existing and underway processes in existence to recyle chicken litter to fertilizer and compost and have the potential to remove hundreds of thousands of tons of nutrient and bacterial contamination annually.
  • Replacement of failing septic systems with environmentally safer sewer systems. At the end of 2014 there remain 18,000 Septics in the Inland Bays Watershed of which 10-15 % are either; poorly maintained, failing or have failed. The new Waste Water Regulation will address only new construction or replacement systems. Sussex County is aggressively expanding their Public Sewer Program.
  • Protective agricultural practices such as the planting of vegetative buffer strips between cropland and waterways. In 2014 little has being done to implement these “Voluntary Best Management Practices”.
  • Expanded levels of treatment of residential storm water through the use of best management practices. 2014- The new Storm Water Regulation is now in effect.

The Foundation believes this is a start but far from sufficient to achieve “clean and swimmable waters” in our Bays and Tributaries. We will soon be addressing our 2016 advocacy, lobbying and litigation priorities and could use your help. Please visit our membership page to see how you can join us.


The Inland Bays serve as a valuable recreational asset for residents and visitors, and as a diverse habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life. We hope to educate the public on the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed in Sussex County Delaware protecting wildlife, water fowl and sandy beaches for us all.

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"Please take the time to view the YouTube video: Clean Water for Delaware's Future prepared by the Governor- Jack Markell (and undoubtedly with the assistance of DNREC) early in 2014. It shows violent agreement with the views of The Inland Bays Foundation that much more could be done to clean the waters of Delaware, perhaps without busting the budget.