Promote Public Awareness

IBF promotes citizen activism in support of clean water throughout Sussex County and Delaware by providing information and outreach at local events such as Coast Day, the Great Pumpkin Festival and many clean water forums.

IBF has established the Austin/Moyer/Chin Citizens Advocacy Program as a memorial to IBF members John Austin, Bill Moyer and Bob Chin to continue their legacy of working to protect the environment and fighting for better water quality in the Delaware Bays.  

Citizen-led environmental groups often need legal resources to understand, monitor and challenge state and county administrative functions and rulings.  The Austin/Moyer/Chin Citizens Advocacy Program will help provide this support through an on-going donation to the Delaware Law School Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, directed by Professor Ken Kristl. 

Delaware Law School students will take on citizen activist issues vetted by Professor Kristl and the IBF Board.  Its first project is The Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Advocacy in Delaware, which helps local groups effectively address environmental concerns. A second edition was published in September 2021.

IBF will continue to work with other Sussex County groups to address environmental concerns related to the inland bays including the Center for the Inland Bays, the League of Women Voters, Keep Our Wells Clean, SRAP, SARG, SHEN and POIR.