IBF’s Austin Moyer Chin Citizens Advocacy Program Presents June 14th Workshop with Professor Ken Kristl Speaking on Effective Environmental Advocacy: Zoning in the Bigger Picture

When you have concerns about the environmental impacts of a proposed project, it helps to have a good road map to guide your strategy.  Join Professor Kristl for a lively discussion of how to think about and carry out general strategies to advocate and make your best case.  We will examine the big picture and the role that the zoning process plays in it, and explore your options for advocating your positions to get them heard by officials and judges.  Bring your general questions, your curiosity, and your desire to learn for a fun and educational evening. 

The Workshop with Professor Kristl will be held on TUESDAY, JUNE 14th, at 6pm, at the Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Avenue, ,Millsboro. The Center is located near the Route 113 WAWA in Millsboro. There is ample parking in the adjacent lot. The Workshop will run for approximately 90 minutes followed by a social hour. It is free with no registration required. Please consider wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated or as Covid cases rise.

If you are concerned about on-going development in Sussex County and its impact on our environment, including our precious Inland Bays, this is the Workshop for you!!

Professor Kristl of Delaware Law School, Widener University, is the author of A Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Advocacy in Delaware, the first project of the Austin Moyer Chin Program.

Download the complete Guide

Download only Chapter 5: Zoning and Land Development

Printed Guide available at the Workshop with donation to Austin Moyer Chin Citizens Advocacy Program.