Inland Bays Foundation Public Information and Education Team

Tired of hearing “confusing” stories about how “fragile” our Inland Bays are? Then visit the Inland Bays Foundation Facebook Page to see the latest posts and photos about activities and meetings that truly tell what is currently happening around our Bays. Make sure you leave a “like” when you visit or a comment about our or our linked “Partners” efforts to clean the environment in Delaware. Don’t be confused by what you hear at Public Meetings or see in the print news by groups who have agendas that will have serious negative impact on the health of our Bays. Listen to your neighbors and friends to determine the truth for your self.
Or you can still contact the Foundation and schedule one of our free, professionally trained speakers to come visit your group and give you the real NEW story about the real time challenges facing our Inland Bays and how those challenges are degrading the “Fragile Beauty” of our watershed and impacting our every day lives. You will also find out what you can do to help. We live here just like you do and urge you to call and let us help you understand what can be done to restore our waters to their once “Pristine” condition you enjoyed as a kid growing up or vacationing here.

If you would like to schedule The Inland Bays Foundation to visit your organization and explain our ” Advocacy ” role or provide you with further information on the water quality of Delaware’s Inland Bays, please contact the Inland Bays Foundation Social Media Chairman, Doug Parham, at 302-296-7801 If you like what you hear, visit our membership page  and join us or donate to this critical fight to improve the water quality in our “Fragile” Inland Bays. Your membership fees and contributions may be tax deductible.

Thanks for your help and support,