New Technology for Chicken Litter

Inland Bays Foundation Public Meeting on May 10

US Agrisoil’s CEO Talks New Technology for Chicken Litter

Chicken litter, the combination of bedding and manure, is mostly dispersed unprocessed onto Delaware’s farmlands.  Unfortunately, through water runoff, it contributes to high levels of nutrient pollution (nitrogen and phosphorus) as well as harmful pathogens in waterways.  It also leads to algae blooms, low dissolved oxygen, and generally unhealthy aquatic conditions for fish and humans.  Come to the next Inland Bays Foundation public meeting to hear how Chesapeake Agrisoil LLC, a joint venture of US Agrisoil LLC and Perdue AgriRecycle LLC, will use new technology to turn chicken litter into compost.  Our guest speaker is Charlie Gifford, CEO, US Agrisoil.

The meeting will be from 6 to 7 pm on Tuesday May 10 at South Coastal Library, 43 Kent Ave., Bethany Beach.

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