Townsend Describes Potential for Statewide Clean-Water Fee

Date Published: April 8, 2016

What would it cost to clean Delaware’s waters?

A clean-water fee could be one of many suggestions that the Clean Water & Flood Abatement Task Force makes in its final report, due April 30.

As a task force co-chair, Townsend explained the potential proposal to the Inland Bays Foundation on March 8.

“We have the cleanest beaches on the East Coast. We do not have the cleanest inland bays,” said IBF President Nancy Cabrera-Santos. “It’s because we’re a farm state.”

Delaware needs to mitigate the impact of storm water runoff and outdated septic systems, she said.

It’s also a moral issue, said Townsend

The Clean Water Task Force has a webpage at, which includes a members list and meeting calendar.

A lifelong Delawarean, Townsend is running for the position of the state’s U.S. Congressman this fall.

The Inland Bays Foundation meets again Tuesday, April 12, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Bethany Beach Town Hall.

Their special guest will be Chief Natosha Carmine, the first female chief of the Nanticoke Indian Tribe. She’ll discuss Nanticoke history and its close association with the Indian River.

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