Annual Meeting June 14

The Inland Bays Foundation Annual Meeting will be held on June 14.

The annual meeting is a members only event.

This is Our Mission Statement

Goose Nest

The Inland Bays support a variety of wildlife. Pictured are goose eggs.

1. The mission of the Inland Bays Foundation is to advocate and promote the restoration of the Inland Bays watershed by conducting public outreach and education, tracking restoration efforts, encouraging scientific inquiry and sponsoring needed research, in order to establish a long-term process for the protection and enhancement of the Inland Bays.

2. The Inland Bays serve as a valuable recreational asset for residents and visitors, and as a diverse habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life.  Our vision is that the Inland Bays and their tributaries will be broadly recognized as a national treasure, and will be restored to good health as measured by established water quality standards. The result will be clear water, free of impacts from toxic contaminants, and with healthy oxygen levels suitable for fishing and swimming.

Egret - White Heron

A healthy watershed supports varied wild life and water fowl.

3. The specific goals of the Inland Bays Foundation are:

a) To sponsor and support educational activities and restoration efforts, that lead to the present and future preservation and enhancement of the Inland Bays watershed.

b) To build, maintain, and foster the political will to preserve and restore the resources of the Inland Bays watershed.

c) To advocate informed decisions concerning the management of the resources of the Inland Bays watershed to foster better land use planning and habitat protection.

d) To keep the public informed of the progress or lack thereof in the restoration of the Inland Bays.

e) To hold government accountable to enforce the protections provided for the Inland Bays under the Clean Water Act and Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act, Ambient Water Quality Standards, and Antidegradation Implementation Procedures for Surface Waters of the State, and to assure that viable plans are implemented, to restore and maintain the waters and tributaries of the Inland Bays as waters of exceptional recreational and ecological significance.