Annual Progress Report for 2013

Ron Wuslich- President
Henry Glowiak- Vice President
Secretary- Helen Truitt
Dave Jaeger- Treasurer


1. New President elected

2. Conducted monthly Board of Directors meetings with citizen involvement

3. Mission Statement updated and posted on web site

4. Attended the U of D “Coast Day” event to educate stakeholders and solicit new members

5. Guest Speakers included John Schneider- DNREC, John Ashman- Sussex County Utility Planner, Doug Long, State Parks Superintendent

6. Presented “21 Roadblocks” to clean waters documentation to Delaware Governor, House and Senate Environmental Committees

7. Presented Delaware House of Representative and Senate joint resolutions for Outstanding service to Out- going President Bill Moyer

8. Attended Governor Markell’s Town Meeting at Lewes High School

9. Met with Governor Markell and DNREC Secretary OMara to discuss items of mutual interest

10. Eleven Press releases (Available on Foundation web site)

11. Letters sent: (available on Foundation web site)

Letter Regarding Proposed ‘On-Site Wastewater Treatment Regulations’

Sent to: Mr. John G. Hayes, Environmental Scientist at DNREC, Groundwater Discharges Section. IBF Letter to EPA Regional Administrator. To: Mr. Shawn Garvin Regional Administrator, Region 3, EPA.

Letter Regarding Delaware’s Nutrient Management Act was sent to:

Senator David B. McBride, Chairman Natural Resources and Environmental Control Committee, Delaware State Senate.

Letter Regarding Tidewater Environmental Services was sent to:

The purpose of this letter is to provide the support of the Inland Bays Foundation (IBF) for the decision of the Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) regarding Tidewater Environmental Services’ request for utilizing the Delaware Pollution Control State Revolving Funds (SRF) for funding Phase I of the Wandendale Treatment Facility.

A letter regarding the impact of sea level rise on the Burton Island coal ash disposal site was sent to:

Secretary Collin O’Mara. A letter regarding the Nationwide Permit Reissuance Request for Comments was sent to:

Mr. Frank J. Cianfrani, Chief Regulatory Branch U.S Army, Corps of Engineers.

An announcement regarding the Inland Bays Foundation (IBF), as a non-profit environmental advocacy organization recently incorporated in Sussex County

12. IBF Asked that the Secretary Deny the Use of Nationwide Permits for the Inland Bays Watershed

13. DNREC Denies Tidewater Utilities request for federal funds for Wandendale 14. IBF sends letter to Chair of the House and Senate Natural Resources Committees :

Finance and Membership

1. Began the year with $1407.00 Balance, ended the year with $6861.00 Balance
2. Began the year with 41 Members and ended the year with 50 Members
3. Paid all fees and bills associated with non- profit status


1. Sent many separate letters on Inland Bays Issues to- Legislature, Governor and DNREC
2. Presented numerous testimonies at all DNREC Public hearings in support of revised Waste Water and Storm Water Regulations
3. Presented testimony in front of Sussex County Zoning and Board meetings in support of US Agrisoils- Perdue application to build a chicken litter composting plant in Seaford
4. Joined with many organizations to support the Webber farms Wetlands remediation pilot
5. Petition presented to the EPA requesting removal of DNREC’s delegation of authority to manage the NPDES permitting process
6. Presented detailed testimony to DNREC regarding the Brownfields Remediation Plan for the proposed Allen-Harim Chicken processing Plant on the old Vlasic site
7. Spoke before the Sussex County Council in opposition to the Positive Growth Alliance request for delay in the Waste Water Regulation Approval successfully
Lobbying and Advocacy

New Lobbying coordinator appointed
Two Foundation registered Lobbyists

Public Information

1. Made three Power Point presentations to groups residing in the water shed
2. Produced new posters to be used for Public Meetings
3. Produced new Membership Applications And updated membership page on web site
4. Significantly improved the Foundation Web site and Face Book Page increasing the number of visitor hits dramatically

Coalition of Like Minded Environmental Organizations

1. Foundation Coalition Coordinator appointed
2. Attended first coalition meeting consisting of 18 organizations
3. Presented 2 position papers
4. Priorities established were
a. Sea Level Rise Adaptation
b. Strengthening the Coastal Zone Act