Due to the coronavirus and the state of emergency status in Delaware, Professor Ken Kristl’s workshop for environmental activists based on his new work,  A Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Advocacy in Delaware is unfortunately postponed. We will look to reschedule it once there is more clarity as to when public meetings are advisable. In the meantime, we hope you will download The Guide for your information and use.

The Guide is the first project of the Austin/Moyer Citizens Advocacy Program.  If you would like to be updated when the workshop is rescheduled. Please email Thank you.

Professor Kristl teaches at the Delaware Law School Widener University where he is the Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic.  In addition to his teaching and clinic work, Professor Kristl has  written extensively on environmental law issues.  Each year, via the Environmental Clinic, he provides approximately 500-700 hours of his own time and supervises approximately 1000-1500 additional hours of student pro bono representation to individuals and organizations facing complex and serious environmental legal issues who often have nowhere else to turn. 

The Austin/Moyers Citizens Advocacy Program

IBF established the Austin/Moyer Citizens Advocacy Program in 2019 as a memorial to John Austin and Bill Moyer to continue their legacy of working to protect the environment and fighting for better water quality in the Inland Bays.