Friends of Holts Landing State Park Created

The official signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Parks Division, the Inland Bays Foundation and the Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation creating the Friends of Holts Landing State Park took place Oct. 8 at the South Coastal Library.

Ray Bivens, state parks director, explained that improvements to Holts Landing State Park would start soon. Sen. Gerald Hocker, R-Ocean View, has secured $300,000 for dredging the boat ramp area and interim improvements to the boat ramp. Bivens said the Parks Division will get a professional planner to determine a list of improvements and pricing.

He also said civic organizations might help sponsor improvements such as a playground. Superintendent Doug Long of Delaware Seashore State Park gave an overview of what’s been accomplished and how the Friends of Holts Landing State Park has reached out to scouts with projects they can do to enhance the park as well as satisfy award requirements for the scouts. Friends of Holts Landing State Park plan to join with other nonprofit groups to raise the awareness and use of the park without degrading it or losing its special natural feeling.

Information on the Friends of Holts Landing State Park is available by contacting Chuck Schonder, project coordinator, at