Presentation: Sussex Co. Comprehensive Plan

The Sussex County Comprehensive Plan

Rich Borrasso April 11 One of the founders of Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth April 10, 2017

Merging of efforts and interests by persons and organizations to work together in common interest to strengthen Sussex County’s planning for future development and fortify the land use regulations and processes necessary to fully respond to residents’ concerns and safeguard their quality of life, neighborhood by neighborhood.

A broad mix of commercial, industrial and residential development is vital to the health and viability of a community. Responsible, high quality growth provides a community with fiscal stability, high property values and a strong sense of place.  Uncontrolled, poorly planned and executed growth has the opposite impact, driving down property values, discouraging investment and lowering the resident’s quality of life.


The most desirable and effective approach to responsible growth is area wide master planning that determines the types of development most appropriate to an area and its residents and establishes the levels of infrastructure and services needed.

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