Protect Delaware from PA’s coal plant pollution!

Delaware residents have been impacted by out of state coal plant pollution

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For decades, Delaware residents have been impacted by harmful smog levels that violate federal safeguards, and much of that pollution comes from out-of-state sources.

Fortunately, Governor Markell has called on the Environmental Protection Agency to limit pollution from the single largest contributor to this smog-causing pollution, the Brunner Island power plant near Harrisburg, PA.

Tell the EPA to protect Delaware from Pennsylvania’s harmful coal plant pollution today!

This Brunner Island power plant is the last large coal-fired power plant in the Northeast that lacks any controls for smog-causing NOx pollution. It is the 10th largest NOx polluter in the countryand contributes significantly to smog pollution from North Carolina to Massachusetts, and even parts of Canada. And yet, Pennsylvania recently finalized a rule that would not require any pollution reductions from this plant.

Will you stand with Governor Markell, and demand the EPA force the Brunner Island power plant to cut its smog-causing pollution?

The Clean Air Act allows states to ask the EPA to step in when upwind states like Pennsylvania allow pollution to travel beyond their borders. Without pollution reductions from Brunner Island, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for small states like Delaware protect our health from coal plant pollution and comply with federal safeguards against smog pollution.

Tell EPA this must be the last ozone season that Brunner Island is allowed to sicken our families in Delaware!

Summer should be a time to enjoy the outdoors, but as the temperature heats up, smog is more likely to form, endangering the health of children, seniors, and people with breathing problems like asthma. Bad air days cause an increase in hospital visits, missed work days, and even premature death. The EPA must protect our families where Pennsylvania failed and demand that Brunner Island clean up its act!

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