Report from the New President of the Inland Bays Foundation 2015-2016, Doug Parham

I’m very pleased to report to you that the Foundation had an excellent 2014, growing in numbers, funding and stature during the year. As a person born and raised in Sussex County I pledge to continue that growth in 2015-2016. I understand the complexities and challenges in building interpersonal relationships with the farm community, the real estate industry and the need to work closely with our State, federal, Local and County Governments to build our economy and provide employment opportunities while we continue to clean our waters.

It has been said that 70% of all nutrient pollution comes from “non-point” (without a pipe) sources and that 70% of all non- point source nutrient pollution comes from agriculture. Our focus for the new year will be on finding ways to remediate sources of non- point pollution while following our committed strategy:

Find and implement existing, low cost (to the tax payer) solutions that will clean our waters while providing business opportunities and new jobs for the stakeholders of our watershed and Delaware.

We will continue to lobby Government at all levels and where necessary litigate to accomplish our goals.

From time to time we will bring guest speakers to our public meetings to educate you on specific challenges, place information on our web site, facebook Pages and in print media in order to keep you informed on our progress and the next steps in addressing the challenges of remediating the sources of non- point pollution.

Stay tuned and come join us by clicking on our membership page at

Fragile Beauty

Doug Parham

President, Inland Bays Foundation

Millsboro, DE


Our Watershed- A Fragile Beauty