UD Citizen Monitoring Program Reports

The seventh set of Citizen Monitoring Reports covering a 3 week period of Aug 11 to Sept 1, 2017 has been posted to the UDEL.edu web site.

You can view the reports at the following link:


Temperatures were slightly below average. Precipitation continued to be well above average.

Low Dissolved Oxygen conditions (<4.0 ppm) were found in many tributaries and canals, and generally showed continued improved conditions since July. Severely low dissolved oxygen (<2.0 ppm) was detected in 2 tributaries and several dead-end canals. There were reports of small fish and crab kills in Pepper creek from 8/19 to 8/24.

Accumulations of Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation were minor. Rains flushed another notable accumulation of duckweed from Gosling Mill Pond into the surface waters of upper Love Creek on 8/19, similar to the event 10 days before.

Total Enterococcus Bacteria (TE) levels were quite elevated in a few tributaries, one pond and one bay site. Otherwise values were moderate. In general, bacteria sampling did not coincide with recent rain events.

Harmful Algae Blooms in the ocean and DE Bay were limited to background concentrations of a few common taxa. In the estuaries, notable blooms of nontoxic Gyrodinium instriatum continued to be seen in tributaries and a canal in the Indian River system. Moderate blooms unknown flagellates were seen in a few tributaries. Moderate blooms of potentially toxic blue-green algae Microcystis and/or Aphanizomenon persisted in Red Mill Pond, Silver Lake and Lake Gerar in Rehoboth, but decreased in Old Mill Creek. In a few locations, no harmful algae were seen.

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